As a photographer I love natural colours and images depicting stories of epic outdoor adventures and connecting with nature. From surfing and snowboarding to hiking and cold water swimming, capturing people having fun and feeling alive is central to my commercial photography.


Many projects also reflect my passion for corageous women breaking the mold and being passionate about extreme sports such as motorcycling, snowboarding and surfing. With my commercial work I strive to tell captivating stories of unique brand identities and products built for everything life throws at them. 


Past clients include: Keen EU footwear, Stanley Brand, Two Minute Beach Clean, Ride and Defy Motorbike Store, Tegen Jewellery, Soleil Store, Junkbox Apparel, Coral Eyewear, Entity Goggles, Coffee Culture Jewellery, Sailbird Kimonos, Ecoffee and Guardsy First Aid.

I shoot on both digital and analogue cameras and am now also offering stereoscopic gifs shot on film. Please see Photography sub-sections for my wedding/couple work and art projects.